1. Couple o’ delinquents 👽

  2. Hansel with his plump baby digits on sweets ☺️ for Sketch Dailies

  3. Noses while Netflix

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  4. I decided to scan some stuff today so I could stow away my originals and not just have a photo of said stuff dragged out of my phone for a digital copy.

    I scanned lots and lots (because I apparently rarely scan). I also promised myself to get a better (less clunky) scanner and also maybe loads of watercolor paper/sketchbooks (because ink bleeds make me ill).

    I heard it was nice out today. Too bad I spent my entire Saturday cooped up in the house, sitting in front of the computer, occasionally flipping episodes of X-Files on Netflix, and listening to Burt Bacharach medleys on Youtube. Huh. Not a bad day at all, actually :P 

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    A bit late on this (and thank you for those who reminded me to update my Society6 page!) but I found out there are a few new items on which my design will be printed: duvet covers, clocks, onesies (for babies), rugs, mugs, and shower curtains.

    I’m getting a few requests on mobile phone case designs and I promise to work on those.

    Thanks a bunch for those who have purchased and continued to support me! You kids are the coolest!

    If you guys think any of my other designs/illustrations should be printed, I’d be happy to lay those out and put them in the store - ♡Mags

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  6. Roller derby Athena hits the books for Sketch Dailies. Now to figure out a catchy derby girl name for her…

  7. A quick doodle of The Iron Giant for Sketch Dailies

  8. NEVER
    3 A. M.

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  9. A small part of something in the works ✨

  10. In other news: I got to meet my baby cousin Philip!

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  11. Mechanical pencil trial

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  12. Doodles from the past few days…

  13. Tank Girl for Sketch Dailies

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  14. Well, of course she dyes her pits pink!

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