1. 💚My baby @ieromotional cosplaying my total babe doodles 💜


  2. detectiveofthegarrison said: I've fallen in love with your work

    Oh my goodness, what a delight that is to hear. Thank you :)

  3. werq mode

  4. no sneezing 😐

  5. I met the hoity-toitiest lady today at the cafe 💁 (at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)

  7. more ink ✒️

  8. World Art Drop Day

    I had ieromotional drop this off at the Grover Cleveland High School quad.

    Here’s hoping the school’s too cheap to have sprinklers turned on today! ^_^

  9. At home with ieromotional ^_^ 

  10. For those who asked for a scan of the delinquents I doodled a few days ago…

    (Source: gargaroo)

  11. couple o’ princesses 💪

  12. inking the afternoon away 😌

  13. bush

  14. necking


  15. thedevilsdivination said: I'm obsessing over your art. Swoon.