1. At home with ieromotional ^_^ 

  2. For those who asked for a scan of the delinquents I doodled a few days ago…

    (Source: gargaroo)

  3. couple o’ princesses 💪

  4. inking the afternoon away 😌

  5. bush

  6. necking


  7. thedevilsdivination said: I'm obsessing over your art. Swoon.


  8. My friend Kim did that cool thing with her hair and I’m utterly jelly. One day I’ll shave my head too. One day!

  9. When you feel super gross at the end of a work day but remember that you have strawberry cheesecake yogurt in the fridge 😌

  10. total babes 🌙

  11. café doodling ALL DAY today! 👽 (at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)

  12. Someone tripped over the GPS cord and her shoulder bag strap then broke a thumbnail when she climbed out of the car and tried to grab hold of the door. Someone.

    Today was still a great day ^_^
  13. All this Hannibal talk…

  15. Here. Have a Psylocke-in-a-box. Good day.